Transfer to another runner –

Entrant A is selling Race Entry to Entrant B

Option 1: This is our preferred method as the name is then correct on the bibs, timing and participant sheets in advance of race weekend. Send an email to requesting the transfer and supply the contact details of Entrant B  including their name, email address and contact phone number: We will send a link to Entrant B for the full amount of the event fee + the entry pack postage. Entrant A will then get a refund of the event price less the $25 transfer fee.


Option 2: Entrant A emails us with the name of Entrant B prior to event and request a Manual transfer at the race hub on the race weekend. Entrant B pays the $25 transfer fee upon check in on the day they pick up your race entry pack. Entrant B to Print out this form and bring it on the day