The Course – 42km

Marathon Course

Distance: 42.2km
Date:  Saturday 19th June 2021

The Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon course takes runners on an amazing journey along a course that takes in the best sights of Newnes and the Wolgan Valley. The course is the tale of two halves and runners will encounter creek crossings, sections of long single trail, old mine cuttings, ruins and some long forgotten railway easements. The terrain is exciting, challenging and you may find it hard to keep the smile from your face. The first half of the marathon a steep mountain trail and the second half is a railway grade up trail skirting the cliff line and making its way up through the Glow Worm Tunnel and returning to Newnes. The event starts and finishes in Newnes and from the moment you arrive in “town” you will revel in the serene surroundings.

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Distance: 42.2km
Ascent: 1902m
Profile: HERE

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Course Description

Leg 1: Newnes –> Pipeline Pass –> Newnes –> Distance: 0 – 15.1km

Description: Starting in front of the old Newnes hotel, runners make their way deeper into the Wolgan Valley crossing the causeway at the end of the
Wolgan Valley Rd, quick lap around the campsite. The Riverside Trail will take you to the start of Pipeline Pass. Here runners ascend the Pipeline
Pass to the awesome views at Pagoda Lookout. An out and back through the ferny gullies to the amazing Starlight Canyon entry point is next before
turning around and visiting the Pagoda Lookout again. The steep descent of Pipeline Pass will lead you to back down to the valley floor. This year
runners will explore the old logging trail up Petries Gully, another lap of the Campground and stretch the legs out on the Little Capertee Trail before
returning to the event hub and aid station at 15.1km.

Leg 2 Newnes –> Ruins Loop –> Newnes –> Distance 15.1 to 21.1km

Description: Runners will then loop the 6km Ruins Trail and return to the event hub for the second time.

Leg 3: Newnes –> Glow Worm Tunnel –> Newnes. Distance: –> 21.1km – 42.2km

Description: After hydrating and grabbing some refreshments, runners cross the Wolgan River and make their way onto the Wolgan Valley Rail Trail. After 7km at the 4 Ways intersection of the Old Coach Road and Wolgan Valley Rail Trail at Penrose Junction there will be an aid station. Follow the old rail embankment for 3km under the cliffs around to the opening of the Glow Worm Tunnel. Runners are then required to walk through the Glow Worm Tunnel and upon exiting the tunnel make their way onto the Pagoda Trail, Old Coach Rd and down to the 4 Ways Penrose Junction aid station. It is then a fast 7km back down the Wolgan Valley Rail Trail to the finish line.

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