Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to entering any events at The Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Running Weekend.


Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Pty Ltd has $20 million public liability insurance. This is compulsory in order to operate on NPWS land.

This does not include personal accident insurance. It is strongly recommended to take out your own personal accident and ambulance cover for the event. Your private health insurance policy may include this, but you will need to check with them.

Terms and Conditions:


Up to 1 month from the event (up until 17th May)– 50% refund is forthcoming.
Less than 1 month from the event (18th May onwards) – no refund is forthcoming.
Shirts that have been ordered cannot be refunded as this is custom made apparel. Please arrange for pick up or post out of such items.

Transfer to another runner –

Entrant A is selling Race Entry to Entrant B

Option 1: This is our preferred method as the name is then correct on the bibs, timing and participant sheets in advance of race weekend. Send an email to info@glowwormtrail.com.au before May 17th 2022 requesting the transfer and supply the contact details of Entrant B  including their name, email address and contact phone number. We will send a link to Entrant B for the full amount of the event fee. Once entrant B registers and pays the entry fee Entrant A will then get a refund of the event price less the $25 transfer fee.


Option 2: After May 17th 2022 – Entrant A emails us with the name of Entrant B prior to the event and requests a manual transfer at the race hub on the race weekend. Entrant B pays the $25 transfer fee at check-in on the day. Entrant B picks up the race entry pack. We will Edit the Race Bib with the correct name. Entrant B to print out this form and bring it on the day. The transfer of funds for the race entry is the responsibility of Entrant A.

Just reminder, there are no refunds for the entry fee after May 17 2022

Cancellation of the EVENT

What if the event does not take place on the 17th -19th June 2022, for reasons relating to the Covid-19 Pandemic or other unforseen circumstance?
Where possible, the event will be rescheduled as soon as possible in 2022 or deferred to June 2023. If this happens all registered athletes will have their race registration (and any additional purchases) automatically moved to the new event date. We will provide as much notice as we can.

If the event does not take place at the rescheduled date or 2023, athletes will be provided with an Event Credit to the value of their entry fee which can be used for any of the following:

  • Credit voucher equal to your GWTM 2022 purchase price that can be used for GWTM events in future (Valid to 2025)
  • Credit voucher equal to your GWTM 2022 purchase price that can be used for Summit Gear Katoomba purchases (Valid to 2024)
  • Credit voucher equal to your GWTM 2022 purchase price that can be used for BMF UTA Training, BMF Online Shop or BMF Personal Training/Group Classes (Valid to 2024)
  • Credit voucher equal to your GWTM 2022 purchase price that can be used at Blue Goat Backyard Marathon event Credit Voucher equal to your GWTM 2022 purchase price to any other race that the GWTM/Summit Gear/Blue Mountains Fitness business operates (Valid to 2025)

In the circumstances set out above, there will be no refund of the athlete’s Register Now processing fee or credit card processing fees.

Fees payable that are not refunded.
Processing Fee – Upon entry you will pay a fee to Register Now which is processing fee and a percentage of the total paid. The amount is usually between $3 and $8. This processing fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.
Merchandise – There are 2 options to get you Event Packs and pre ordered merchandise – Pick up at Summit Gear Store or Pick up at the Event. There is no post out option.  If you do not pick up your merchandise – we do not post out and we do not refund this. It is your responsibility to pick it up or get a friend to pick it up for you.

Multi Event Entries
The Grand Slam is available at a discounted price and are for a single person to use. Under no circumstances are multi event entries able to be split and shared among multiple runners.

If you have any other enquiries please contact:

Customer Service
or 0402 925 608