Friday 17th June

Mystery Mountain Dash – $35

Saturday 17th June

Half Marathon (21.1km) – $150

Marathon (42.2km) -$200

Ted Bolt (6km) – Adult $35 | Jnr $25

Kids Race

Sunday 20th June

Half Marathon (21.1k) – $150

Family Teams Pairs Half Marathon – $275.

After the 2021 event we had lots of requests about kids under 16 doing the Half Marathon race. We’ve come up with a new event for 2022 – the Family Team Pairs Half Marathon.This event will only be included in the Sunday Half Marathon race as that race is a bit less busy and there will be a lot less runners on the course without the Marathon runners and full capacity Half Marathon runners. Minimum age is 12 for the child entrant.Minimum age is 18 for the adult entry.You do not have to be related family members – any adult over 18 and child 12-15 can form a team.You must run together all the way. Start and Finish together also! Both runners must take the full mandatory gear.The Family Team Pairs race time will be the combined time of both runners half marathon times. The times will also be included in the normal half marathon race times. Cost is a little less than the full half marathon costs for 2 runners at $275.

We are also offering the following combo event

  • The Grand Slam: Friday – Mystery Mountain Dash / Saturday – Full Marathon, 6km Ted Bolt / Sunday – Half Marathon -$355

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