Race Rules and Cut-Offs 2023



Halfway – 5 Hours, 1.00pm – Glow Worm Tunnel

Completion, 10hrs, 6.00pm – Glen Davis Campground


Newnes Campground return leg 4.5 hrs, 1.00pm

Completion – 9 hrs, 5.30pm – Glen Davis Campground

Half Marathon:

Halfway Newnes Campground 4.0 hrs, 1.00pm

Completion – 8 Hrs, 5.00pm – Glen Davis Campground

Race Rules

  • The course is to be run in the order in which it is advertised.
  • Any changes to the course before the start of the event need to be adhered to.
  • Runners who mis-run the course or mis run the order of the course or make any deviation will not be considered for prizes. If you make a mistake on the course – you need to return to the place you left the course on foot and then resume along the proper and correct route. There will be tags on the race bibs that are recovered by Marshalls at key out and back check points. Make sure your tag is taken at these points as we will use this to verify that athletes have completed the full course.
  • Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Pty Ltd is very strict about the “Leave no trace” policy. Please bring all rubbish you take out on the course with you. People seen littering, impact our natural environment, jeopardise the future of the event and will be removed from the event.
  • All runners must start at the correct time with the correct field of runners to be considered for prizes. Runners starting late will be credited with a time but not a finish place.
  • Mandatory gear is mandatory! no exceptions.  You must carry the mandatory gear for the entirety of the event. Come prepared to take either the fine weather gear or the bad weather gear. The weather can quickly change and the mandatory gear is the minimum we ask you to be prepared with. Always consider your own personal needs and pack extra if necessary.
  • Random Gear Checks will be done. Time penalties or disqualification will be given for failure to abide by mandatory gear rules.
  • Gear Dumping – anyone caught dumping gear will be disqualified from the event.
  • Walking in the Glow Worm Tunnel. The Glow Worm Tunnel is a special place and to be allowed to host an event in the area – we put strict rules on this section of the course. ALL runners MUST WALK through the tunnel a 30 minute penalty will be given by Marshalls for running through the tunnel.
  • Note it is a National Parks requirement to have a head torch that supports a Red Light to be used in the Glow Worm Tunnel.
  • Trail etiquette is paramount in this event.  – 1) Keep to your left, 2) Downhill runners give way to uphill runners.
  • Pacers are not allowed.
  • Aid on the course – aid is only at designated aid stations. Runners are not permitted to stash any items on the course.
  • Compulsory Briefing – Each Race starts with a Briefing, you must be at the event hub for the briefing.
  • Timing is electronic – it is your responsibility to secure the chip properly and to ensure you step ON the timing mats to trigger your timing chip.
  • For those who are compelled to run with music, a single ear bud is allowed only (you need to keep one ear free to hear course marshals and other athletes)
  • If you step off the trail for any reason – please leave your pack or bottle on the track side where you stepped off. It will help us to find you if you get lost!