New 30 km Race – 2023

Saturday 17th June 2023

The Glow Worm Tunnel 30km course is a challenging event that takes runners on an amazing journey along a course that takes in the best sights of Newnes and old ruins that are contained in the Wolgan Valley. Runners will encounter creek crossings, sections of long single trail, old industrial ruins and some long forgotten railway easements. The terrain is exciting and challenging but incredibly satisfying. The first half of the 30km course is steep mountain trail starting from Glen Davis Campground, atheletes will head up Pipeline track to the amazing Pagoda Lookout, and then do a quad smashing downhill to the Newnes Campground. From there the runners do a river crossing where you will get wet, and do an awe inspiring loop of the old industrial ruins were abandoned almost 100 years ago and are now being reclaimed by the forests of the Wolgan Valley. From there the athletes return they way they came back through Newnes, over Pagoda Lookout and down to Glen Davis.

Distance: 30km
Ascent: TBD
Profile & Map: HERE

Aid Station 1: Newnes Campground (approx 11.5kms)

Aid Station 2: Newnes Campground (approx 18.5kms)

Aid Stations will have Water, Tailwind, Lollies, Chips, Coke and Fruit