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Race Director

Tony Williams

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Logistics and Marketing

Robert Inshaw


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How to get there
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ITRA Ranking Qualifier

The 30km and Marathon distance that will be ITRA listed and a qualification race for the Six Foot Track and other events that need an ITRA rating.

Safety and First Aid.
Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Pty Ltd employs a specialised first aid team to tend to injuries which may occur during the event. We strongly advise all runners to have ambulance cover in the case of an accident requiring evacuation via ambulance – air or road. If in case of a broken bone or serious injury our first aid crew will contact emergency services to evacuate you to the nearest hospital which is Lithgow.

Slipping and falls – likely the number one cause of injury on the course. Go cautious on the downhill sections and pace yourself according to your technical running ability when on rough or uneven ground. 

Getting Lost – the course is well marked however fatigued runners tend to develop tunnel vision!! If you do not see a marker for some time – go back and find one then resume! get familiar with the course before the day to give yourself the best chance if you become lost.
Snakes – not at this time of year.

Tailwind Nutrition will be present and have a stand with Tailwind Products. Additionally you can purchase these in store at Summit Gear and also on the website before the event.

Phone Coverage
There is no reception anywhere on any of the race courses, with any carrier. The cliffs of the Wolgan Valley can do funny things to the reception of satellite phones, but they are by far your best bet.

Race Numbers
To see when you can collect your race number, see the Schedule of Events HERE and scroll down to “Registration Desk Schedule”. We don’t post out race numbers

Refund Policy
Please see the Terms and Conditions HERE for our refund policy. As always, early is best.


We are fortunate to be allowed access to the trail to run our event, so please make sure you leave no trace of having been there. Take all rubbish with you or risk disqualification.


A sweeper will be deployed onto the course with the aim of ensuring there’s no one left on the course unaccounted for, and to remove course markings. If you leave the trail at any time, please leave your pack on the trail so the sweeper doesn’t go past you and leave you on an unmarked course.

Timing Chips

We will be using a disposable chip system that is stuck to the back of your race number. The system is very reliable, but reliability is aided by wearing your race number lower rather than higher.

Trail Marking

Markers on the bush trails will be in pink ribbon. Additional arrows and other markings will be present at key intersections. If you travel more than 500m without seeing a marker, please take the time to retrace your steps to the last marker you saw and double check your course finding. Please don’t keep going down an unmarked track “because it feels right” as it’s probably not right.