New Event “Marathon over 2 Days”

The Two Day Marathon 42.2kms over Saturday and Sunday

Take on the challenge of the Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon Full course over two days!

If you have ever thought about doing the full Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon race but just didn’t have the k’s in the legs or were put off by the big climb/descent up Pipeline then this is the perfect opportunity to do the full marathon course over two days. Who knows – you might be back next year to crack the marathon course in one hit!

Total Distance 42.2km:
Total Ascent: 1935m

Course Description: Day 1- Saturday 19th June 2021 – 1st Leg of Marathon Course – Distance 21.1km

Day 1 – Leg 1

Leg 1: Newnes > Pipeline Pass -> Newnes > Distance: 0 – 15.1km

Description: Starting in front of the old Newnes hotel, runners make their way deeper into the Wolgan Valley crossing the causeway at the end of the Wolgan Valley Rd, quick lap around the campsite. The Riverside Trail will take you to the start of Pipeline Pass. Here runners ascend the Pipeline Pass to the awesome views at Pagoda Lookout. An out and back through the ferny gullies to the amazing Starlight Canyon entry point is next before turning around and visiting the Pagoda Lookout again. The steep descent of Pipeline Pass will lead you to back down to the valley floor. This year runners will explore the old logging trail up Petries Gully, another lap of the Campground and stretch the legs out on the Little Capertee Trail before returning to the event hub and aid station at 15.1km.

Day 1 – Leg 2: Newnes > Ruins Trail > Newnes>  Distance: 15.1km to 21.1km

 Runners will then loop the 6km Ruins Trail and return to the event hub for the second time.

Day 2 – 2nd Half of Marathon Course – Sunday 20th June 2021

Day 2 – Leg 1: Newnes – Penrose Gully 4 Ways – Distance 21.1km to 28.1km

Description: Starting in front of the old Newnes hotel, runners make their to the Wolgan River Causeway and cross it just 300m from the start line. Runners then turn right and follow the river as they make their way onto the Wolgan Valley Rail Trail and begin the gentle ascent to Penrose Gully and the 4 Ways Penrose Junction. This is where the first aid station is.

Day 2 – Leg 2: Penrose Gully 4 Ways to Penrose Gully 4 Ways – Distance 28.1km to 35.2km

Description: After leaving Penrose Gully – runners continue around the rail trail, hugging the cliffs and making their way into the Glow Worm Tunnel. The tunnel is 600m long and runners must walk through the tunnel. Its a great chance to turn your light off and check out the Glow Worms. They are truely amazing. After exiting the tunnel at the other end – runners turn left onto the Pagoda Track and left again onto the Old Coach Rd and the downhill begins as runners approach Penrose Junction 4 Ways again at 14.1km.

Day 2 – Leg 3: Penrose Junction 4 ways to Newnes – Distance 35.2km to 42.2km

Description: After hydrating and grabbing some refreshments, runners leave the Penrose Junction 4 ways Aid Station and head back along the Wolgan Valley Rail Trail, turn left to cross the Wolgan River, turn right  and run up to the finish line in Newnes.