Marathon FAQ

Q: What time does the Marathon start?
A: 8am

Q: Can i wear an ipod or headphones while on the trails?
A: Due to the nature of these trails and the need for runners to overtake at times, NO.

Q: This is my first marathon – is it a good choice?
A: Possibly not unless you are well conditioned for running on single trail and with steep climbs. If you are used to the conditions and only stretching yourself for the distance you should be ok – but if you are a road runner and are looking for this to be your first marathon – it could be a tough ask.

Q: Do i really need all that mandatory gear?
A: Yes. The weather in the Wolgan Valley can change and you are traversing terrain which the weather changes rapidly over. So yes.

Q: Is there an early start this year?
A: No! – all runners start at 8am

Q: Is the timing electronic?
A: Yes