Marathon FAQ

Q: What time does the Marathon start?
A: 8am

Q: Can i wear earbuds or headphones while on the trails?
A: Due to the nature of these trails and the need for runners to overtake at times, headphones and ear buds are not permitted. Sorry it is a safety thing…

Q: This is my first marathon – is it a good choice?
A: Trail running is an extreme sport and requires training and fitness. If you are unsure of the marathon distance then we do have the option of running the Marathon over two days (Half marathon on Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday). If you are familiar with running trails and only stretching yourself for the distance you should be ok.  If you have not done much training and mainly run on roads then I think you should start with the shorter distances.

Q: Do i really need all that mandatory gear?
A: Yes. The weather in the Wolgan Valley can change quickly. Remember the mandatory gear is mainly required if/when things go wrong which could result in you being in exposed weather for a period of time. We will be doing gear checks and penalties apply if you don’t have all the required equipment

Q: Is there an early start this year?
A: No – 8.00am is the starting time

Q: Is the timing electronic?
A: Yes

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: unfortunately this is in a National Parks area so no pets are allowed.