Half Marathon FAQ

Q: Are there two Half Marathons?
A: Yes – One is on Saturday and one is on Sunday.

Q: Are both Half Marathons on the same course?
A: Yes, they are – both half marathons have the exact same course description.

Q: Why are there two half marathons?
A: This is probably to most popular trail half marathon in NSW. In 2015 runners missed out on running due to the event filling. In 2016 we can cater for more runner if we have two half marathon events. And we are out there anyway for the Marathon so this gives more people the opportunity to enjoy this amazing course.

Q: Are there prizes for each Half Marathon or are the results combined?
A: Each Half Marathon is treated as a seperate event and each has its own prize pool and results. The only thing they have in common is the course.

Q: If I register for one half marathon and want to change to the other – can i do that?
A: Yes up until the events are sold out. There will be a $10 transfer fee. Email us at info@mountainsports.com.au

Q: Can i register for one half marathon and just turn up to any one on the weekend?
A: No sorry – you need to choose one – your timing chip will not work on the other day.